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Experienced Domestic Violence Legal Lawyer In Surprise

With 3000+ cases on my record and years of experience, the Law Offices Gary Rohlwing is one of the finest domestic violence legal lawyers in Surprise, AZ.

We are a professional, high-grade law firm for those seeking legal representation of the highest quality and do not want to settle. For clients who have pending cases in association with domestic violence and are requiring thorough representation right from the get go, Gary Rohlwing is the best fit.

Let's see what makes this lawyer the right option for you and your case moving forward when it relates to domestic violence in Surprise, AZ.

Immediate Assessment of Legal Charges

All legal charges will be assessed immediately based on the client's information. Upon the assessment, a set of suggestions will be made which are legally sound and should assist.

Thorough Expertise

Expertise is valuable because of how serious these charges are and what they can do to the accused client. It is vital to have an initial free consultation and make sure the right case is being presented in the court of law.

You want someone who is not only experienced in representing clients with domestic violence charges but also understanding how to work around local laws in Surprise.


A client will notice the level of professionalism we provide our clients from the initial phone call. Since our team has been practicing for years, we understand the level of professionalism that is required in our office and the court room. It will require hard work, research, and emphasis towards important details to ensure the charges are removed.

This is what Gary Rohlwing will do right from the onset of this case because that is necessary for any client. You deserve the best and it begins with professionalism.

Knowledge of Both Sides

Gary Rohlwing is a fantastic lawyer not only for the experience that has been accumulated in domestic violence, but for his knowledge on both sides as a legal defense and prosecutor. I have worked as a prosecutor in the past and now as a defense attorney. This means I have in an depth knowledge to understand what both sides are going to do moving forward.

This will ensure you can find a lawyer that is not going to be caught unaware or surprised by what is taking place. This is the beauty of trusting a seasoned lawyer that knows what is required to move your case forward in the right direction.


A lawyer should be careful when it comes to pouring over the related details and what they have to say. This includes the accumulation of data and being able to piece it together in a favorable manner for the client.

Gary Rohlwing's 30 years of experience ensures the process which is followed through on remains detailed from beginning to end. Nothing will go unnoticed when it comes to the case and how it is being handled. This is important for a client wanting perfection.

Speak with Gary Rohlwing as soon as possibly by calling and starting with the initial consultation. It is time to sit down and assess what is going to be required to defend your case and make sure you come out on the right side of things. Domestic violence is a devastating charge to have on your record. It is essential to have legal representation that is trustworthy and on top of things right from the get go.

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