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Hire a Hands-on Lawyer for Expert Advice on Domestic Violence Cases

Attorney Gary Rohlwing has the sharp legal mind and eye for detail required to handle domestic violence cases. Domestic violence is characterized by aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the abuse of a spouse or partner. Domestic violence cases are vigorously prosecuted in Avondale, AZ.

A domestic violence conviction can have serious consequences. That's why its very important to have an experienced attorney like Gary represent you.

Domestic Violence Offenses

The following are considered domestic violence offenses if a domestic relationship with the victim exists: assault, threatening, criminal damage, harassment, criminal trespass, kidnapping, and disorderly conduct.

Under the category of assault in Arizona, one can be charged with simple assault or aggravated assault. Simple assault is putting someone in fear of bodily harm, with the intent of physical injury or causing injury. If convicted, the sentence could be up to one year in prison and fines up to $2,500.

Aggravated assault is charged under the following circumstances: it there is serious physical injury;there is a deadly weapon; there is temporary but substantial disfigurement or fracture. It could also be if the victim is restrained, or it is committed after entering the private home of someone else. For aggravated assault, you may face jail time of five to twenty-five years whether this is your first, second or third offense.

Besides paying fines and possibly serving time in prison, other consequences of a domestic violence case include being cut off from your home and family. At times, it may also curtail your right to vote and your right to carry weapons. As such, legal counseling is required to help you go through this difficult phase.

In any legal case, you need a lawyer who truly cares about getting the most favorable outcome for you. You should be comfortable with the lawyer that you hire. A domestic violence case is a sensitive matter that should be treated with extra care and confidentiality. Choosing the right lawyer is of key importance.

Gary Rohlwing’s Promise

Gary Rohlwing guarantees that he will handle all cases personally. Unlike other attorneys in bigger law firms, he does not pass on his cases to associate lawyers. He spends time with his clients and gives them the kind of attention required to study the cases to come up with the best legal strategy. Whether you go on trial or settle for a plea bargain, you can be assured that the final outcome will be to your advantage.

Gary Rohlwing is a trusted domestic violence attorney servicing Avondale, AZ with over 30 years of solid experience. He is licensed in Arizona and is a distinguished member of the Maricopa County Bar Association. As a seasoned lawyer, he has dealt with more than 3,000 cases. He has a good reputation among his colleagues, prosecutors and judges.

Gary graduated from the University of Arizona. He has been on both sides of the fence as he started out as a prosecutor and later began representing clients. He has a decent working relationship with those in the judicial community. He has integrity and is well-respected by clients and the legal community.

To find out what the Law Offices of Gary Rohlwing can do for you, you can set up a meeting with him free of charge. He offers free consultation for the first exploratory meeting with his clients. He will sit down with you to discuss the details of the case. His rates are very reasonable and he also accepts payment plans for the convenience of his clients.

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