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Do You Need To Hire a Criminal, DUI or Domestic Violence Lawyer?

This is a question you need to ponder on while you prepare for your day in court. Being the defendant, you’ll feel as if you’re back is being pushed against the wall.

You need a good criminal lawyer like Gary Rohlwing who knows how to make his clients feel there’s still space to move about for them. Freedom is still yours to enjoy. As a good defense attorney, we will protect our clients’ rights no matter how strong the evidence against them can be.

Cracks and loopholes do exist in the justice system, but a good lawyer still has confidence in the system. We use our experience and knowledge of the system to help represent each one of our clients to the best of our ability. We believe that every person is entitled to an aggressive legal defense.

Get someone who you can trust, someone who you know will make sure your interests are considered and defended every step of the way.

How a Criminal Lawyer Can Help You

In matters involving crimes, the best lawyer to seek assistance is a criminal lawyer. There are different sorts of lawyers depending on specialization or field of law– intellectual property law, immigration law, health law, family law, criminal law, etc. In terms of penal law, the experts are criminal lawyers like the Law Offices of Gary L. Rohlwing in Buckeye, AZ. Penal law concerns with crimes and punishment for crimes. Under the penal law belong the subfields of DUI, domestic violence, theft, murder, etc.

Since you’ve been accused of a criminal offense, you need to obtain a criminal defense lawyer. Our law firm has years of experience in providing criminal defense to accused parties. We provide affordable legal representation to our clients in Buckeye, Az. Call us for a free initial consultation on your case.

Choosing the right defense lawyer may also require you to account for the gravity of the offense you will face in court. The worst criminal cases are categorized as felonies. Examples in this group are armed robbery and murder. A misdemeanor is less serious, like shoplifting for example. Traffic violations belong to the “infractions” group. These are some of the least serious criminal offenses.

Experienced Domestic Violence Lawyer

A domestic violence lawyer is a type of criminal lawyer. The implication is lawyers tagged as such have specialized in cases where abuse inside the home is committed. Arizona courts do not take domestic violence lightly, so if this is your type of offense, make sure to get in touch with the Law Offices of Gary Rohwling. We have been through several of these cases in the past and can explain to you the intricacies of the law.

If you understand the domestic violence law, there will be more opportunities for you to help each other and it will be easier for you to provide evidence to us assisting your defense. Basic ideas of the law include:

It is therefore very important that you provide the full details of the crime. Your true relationship with your accuser and the past relationship/s that you had together before the crime will have a bearing on the case. For that, you need a lawyer who is patient enough to listen to your story. Contact Gary L. Rohlwing in Buckeye, AZ for a free initial consultation for your domestic violence case.

DUI/DWI Attorney in Buckeye, AZ

DUI cases are also under the jurisdiction of criminal law. You want to hire an experienced aggressive attorney like Gary Rohlwing that has an understanding of the law. Just like in domestic violence, Arizona is harsh on DUI offenders. The courts in Buckeye, AZ for a DUI charge is no different to any of the other courts in Maricopa County. All Arizona courts are cracking down on DUI driving.

The alcohol limit is 0.08%, but if it’s under this amount but over 0.05%, the driver can still be deemed incapacitated and unable to drive. The police officer may decide to do more extensive research to gather more compelling evidence to prove that the driver was indeed intoxicated.

That kind of strict implementation of the law is rooted in Arizona’s belief that DUI offenders are life-threatening. Expect the state to have a strong prosecution team to face you and your lawyer. As a former prosecutor, we understand how the prosecution will pursue your case. We will advice you of all your options and legal rights.

Some of what you may be facing when it comes to the penalties of a DUI are – a fine of $3,250, more than 120 days in jail, a 12-month license revocation, community service and more. These and other penalties are the reason you want to get a good legal counsel in Buckeye like the Law Offices of Gary L. Rohwling.

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