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Legal Defense Representation for DUI, Criminal and Domestic Violence Cases

Have you been arrested or accused of a crime, such as homicide or DUI in Sun City? Whether or not you have actually committed that crime, it is important that you know that you have rights and those rights must be protected at all costs. To help defend those rights and guide you through the process, you will have to search for an experienced legal defense attorney like Gary L. Rohlwing.

Criminal Lawyer

A criminal defense lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in defending companies and individuals charged in a court of law. These lawyers can be working privately for companies or individuals. Many of them, however, are employed by the court. Those working for the court in any of its jurisdictions are also called public defenders.

A criminal lawyer in Sun City handles different types of criminal cases including fraud, theft, embezzlement, DUI, crimes related to manufacturing, drug trafficking and consumption, crimes involving violence such as domestic violence, and sex crimes.

Criminal lawyers defend their clients before a state, an appellate court, or even before a federal court, depending on the nature of the case. As your lawyer, we will prepare your defense with regards to legal matters like bail bonds, plea bargain, trials, revocation hearings, appeals, and remedies the court and you can agree on just in case you were convicted. Some of the specific tasks that we will do are the following:

Tips for choosing a criminal lawyer:

Note: A person can call a criminal defense lawyer for help prior to the filing of a case in court if he has been arrested or if he thinks he is being investigated.

DUI Attorney

Often, attorneys will dedicate their services to a particular specialization such as DUI defense or drug defense in Sun City, AZ. If your case is a DUI, the question is: Is it necessary for you to hire a DUI lawyer? It depends, but if you want to increase your chances of dismissal of the charges against you or a reduced sentence at the very least, you are better off having an experienced DUI lawyer to defend you.

DUI lawyers like me that have previous prosecutor experience knows the ins and outs better than those that have no specialization in this field. There are options we can offer, which public defenders may not tell their clients.

Some tips:

Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence is a behavior pattern that involves abuse or violence by a person against another person in the home setting. Domestic violence takes many forms including sexual, verbal, physical, emotional, and religious abuse. If you have been charged with any of these, you can ask for help from a defense lawyer who specializes in domestic violence cases.

Remember this: allegations involving domestic violence can have serious legal consequences in Sun City, AZ. Even if a couple eventually agrees to reconcile and not pursue the case, prosecutors may still continue to deliberate on the case and proceed filing criminal charges on other grounds. A good domestic violence defense lawyer can give you the best legal remedies just in case the case proceeds this way.


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