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Why Do You Need A Criminal Attorney?

If you have been charged with a DUI offense in the community, you will need to locate an experience DUI attorney as quickly as possible. This is because driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense that brings with it extensive penalties and fines.

Felonies vs. Misdemeanors

A criminal lawyer can defend you against felony or misdemeanor charges. First, it might be helpful to understand something about the difference between felony and misdemeanor charges. This is a brief overview:

Each state classifies crimes in their own way, so it is impossible to provide one definition for the entire country of the difference between these two levels of crimes.

It is also important to understand that some criminal attorneys are reluctant to take on felony cases, because they lac experience with violent or other serious crimes. A defendant has a lot more to lose if they are accused of one of the most severe crimes, so it is important to find the right lawyer and law office to advocate for you.

What Do Criminal Attorneys Do For Their Clients?

A lawyer should be their client's advocate in several ways. Their services should include legal advice, dealing with evidence, preparing a case, and negotiating with the legal system. In some cases, lawyers can also help their clients access other services that they might require because of the circumstances surrounding their charges.

In some cases, attorneys will concentrate on getting legal charges reduced or waived. They might prefer to avoid trial if at all possible, because it can resolve the matter much faster. This might be an advantage for a client who actually is very likely to be convicted of a crime. The court and prosecution might be willing to negotiate a lower charge and sentence to save time and money too.

In other cases, defendants and lawyers will be prepared to go to trial. In these cases, the attorneys believe they can convince a judge or jury that their client is innocent. Of course, it is always better to be found innocent than found guilty of any crime. However, this can take a lot longer and also cost a lot more money.

Find A DUI or Criminal Lawyer in Goodyear Arizona

What If You Cannot Afford A Criminal Lawyer?

If the accused person has no money for a lawyer, every US jurisdiction has some way to provide a criminal lawyer with a charge. In some areas, private attorneys are appointed and paid by the court. Other areas have a staff of public defenders who work out of an office that is similar to the prosecutor's office.

In most cases, these free attorney services are provided by less experienced criminal attorneys.

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